Going Solar With PosiGen

Solar power is one of the most efficient ways to power a person’s residence. It creates less of a carbon footprint on the Earth than other forms of electrical power. Solar power is all an option that allows people to live in cleaner environments. One reason that many people don’t get solar power is because of the cost to install […]

Tim Murawski, Visionary Leader in Augmented Reality Image-Guided Surgery

Tim Murawski, President and Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) at Augmedics pharmaceutical firm, is based in the greater Chicago area. In his role, he oversees all aspects of Augmedics and its growth, including the business development and other commercial strategies at the company. With 20 years of experience as a senior medical and surgical device professional, he joined Augmedics in 2019. […]

Alejandro Betancourt: Never Stop Trying

New companies find it hard to come out of the gate, having succeeded due to the setbacks they face along the way. However, this is not always the case, as proven strategies can give a business an edge in tough environs. Hawkers is an established fashion eyewear company with a built reputation on all social media platforms. The company has […]

 David Azzato Highlights Why Business Owners in England Should Involve Employees in Decision Making Process

In most of the organizations in England, decisions seem to be a preserve of the leading executives who are involved in the management and operations of various business organizations. This means that the junior employees who are involved in the daily management and operations of the organization are not given an opportunity to help in making decisions with regard to […]