Alejandro Betancourt Lopez, Founder of Hawkers

Hawkers firm, under the management of Alejandro Betancourt Lopez, has risen to economic prosperity outsmarting most of its competitors, including Gucci. Hawkers firm began from grass and increased to a multi-national firm, winning customers in almost all parts of the globe.

Alejandro Betancourt managed to transform the company and streamline its operations through the partnership with other investors and founders. While beginning, it was only based in Spain, but currently, it has subsidiaries in almost all parts of the globe.

The success of Hawkers companies never came on a bed of roses. The firm underwent several struggles and challenges before being reaching its goal. The firm faced several struggles, but Alejandro Betancourt Lopez’s leadership has managed to overcome them.

He was announced as its executive officer in 2016, and since taking over, he has streamlined all sectors of the company. Hawker is currently ranked one of the prestigious fashion firms.

The firm primarily deals with the manufacture and selling of sunglasses. He explains that some of the factors that have contributed to the firm’s success include affordability of the price and product quality. Alejandro Betancourt Lopez explains how the firm began with a mere $300. Using this, they purchased 25 pairs of sunglasses which were sold online. The firm owners never expected the company to flourish faster. They decided to inject more funds into the company to maximize operations and productivity. Currently, the firm is worth $60 million.

Alejandro Leopold Lopez is a source of inspiration in the company. He inspires his workers to work towards achieving the firm’s vision and mission. The firm’s owners are confident that the firm will continue to thrive. Currently, the firm is making changes in its management, with its brand strategist being Puig. The collaboration between pug and Lopez is integral in making decisions and streamlining operations. Refer to this page for additional information