Alejandro Betancourt: Never Stop Trying

New companies find it hard to come out of the gate, having succeeded due to the setbacks they face along the way. However, this is not always the case, as proven strategies can give a business an edge in tough environs. Hawkers is an established fashion eyewear company with a built reputation on all social media platforms.

The company has sold millions of sunglasses to its clients globally, making huge profits, but its history is far more humble. Its financial success can be attributed to bringing the right people into the mix and at the right time. Alejandro Betancourt, a visionary investor, brought in plenty of ideas when considering closing its doors for the markets.

Alejandro Betancourt was welcomed to Hawkers by his friend Alex Moreno to help rescue the company. As an investor, Alejandro came with a group of other business gurus who pumped more than $56 million into the company to facilitate its growth. Besides, Betancourt strengthened the leadership of Hawkers by naming Nacho Puig as the CEO to manage the company’s development.

Before the stylish sunglasses company began experiencing setbacks, they enjoyed huge success in the Spanish markets. Alejandro expanded the success by broadening the distribution of the sunglasses to untapped markets, including in Asia, Europe, and North America. To facilitate their global reach, the company increased its social media campaigns, and today majority of their sales are done online.

In an interview, Alejandro Betancourt advises young entrepreneurs never to stop trying, no matter the situation. He reveals that falling is a part of everyday activities, and the most important thing is getting up and trying again.

Today, the company has continued to grow and succeed and has offices in all parts of the globe, including Barcelona, Mexico City, and Los Angeles, thanks to Alejandro Betancourt. The company’s revenues have increased from $300 initially contributed by Caleb Garett and Moreno to more than $100 million every year. Refer to this article to learn more