Du Shuanghua Recap

Du Shuanghua’s History with Rizhao Steel Rizhao Steel made a deal with Mount Gibson in 2007 in which Rizhao promised to procure approximately 1.5 million tons of ores from Mount Gibson each year. The business was thriving, but only two years later, Shandong Steel Group attempted an aggressive takeover of Rizhao Steel. Du Shuanghua, a successful Chinese businessman, attempted to […]

Jesse Willms Has Consistently Found New Ways to Innovative During His Entrepreneurial Career

Jesse Willms is a respected entrepreneur who is currently serving in the professional role of chief executive officer with the website vehiclehistory.com. His expertise as a businessman extends across a wide range of different fields. He is highly experienced in the field of internet marketing and is renowned for his knowledge about the history of cars.  Jesse Willms is professionally […]