Clients Reviews Share Experiences at Ideal Image

Ideal Image is an international leader in delivering consumers laser hair removal and aesthetic services. They offer various non-surgical treatment options, including body contouring, laser hair removal, cellulite treatment, acne treatment, and facial rejuvenation. Over the past decade, they have become one of the largest providers of safe and effective aesthetic treatments through our franchise-based model. Based on customer reviews, […]

The Importance of Business Insurance According to the Experts at Hauser Insurance

The purpose of a business is to generate revenue and, above all else, provide exceptional quality services or products to its customer base. Many seasoned business owners consider business insurance essential to running their business smoothly with minimal risk. However, new business owners may be wondering what business insurance is and why it’s crucial to achieving your overall business goals. […]

Bhanu Choudhrie's business success

Bhanu Choudhrie is an experienced businessman. There are several areas where he has invested successfully. Before he embarks on any form of investment, he takes time to research widely before developing the best investment strategies. There are several people he has helped to achieve great success. As a highly experienced expert, he knows the right measures to take. Researching new […]

 Activision Blizzard’s New Union

Activision Blizzard workers recently formed one of the first ever unions in the American video game industry. The union is called the Game Workers Alliance. It was created by quality assurance contractors who had been working for Raven Software, a studio known for its work on the game Call of Duty: Warzone. The union formed during the Raven Quality Assurance […]

Andrew Lazarus: How Hotel Beach Merewether Has Changed Under New Ownership

Andrew Lazarus has always been known for investing in the hotel industry. He was the visionary behind the Beach Hotel Merewether, which became a new standard of luxury in Australia. However, he is also an expansive mind and has many interests. Also read: Sydney hotelier Andrew Lazarus buys Beach Hotel Merewether In 2016, Andrew acquired a contemporary hotel with the […]

Mark Hauser Expresses His Interest in Selling an Ophthalmology Enterprise

Paul Swanson and Mark Hauser were the founders of Hauser Private Equity (HPE) in Cincinnati, which operates in middle markets. HPE has offices in Los Angeles, Canada, and Chicago, and its management teams have a vast knowledge of investments; they work collaboratively to ensure the return on investment. Eye Care Partners (ECP) is among its impressive assets offering excellent eye […]

The Communication Expert Changing the Face of Gaming

Frances Townsend is changing the face of gaming. The Executive Vice President for Corporate Affairs, Corporate Secretary, and Chief Compliance Officer at Activision Blizzard has been in the industry since 2003, when she joined EA as the general counsel and senior vice president of legal affairs. Frances was also a White House Homeland Security Advisor to Presidents George W. Bush […]

Some Great Things To Learn From Vik Bansal

The manufacturing industry plays a huge role in any country’s revenue. It also presents many opportunities for employment to its citizens. However, the same industry has many challenges that make it complex to meet various demands. In the Australia’s manufacturing field, one person making a great impact is Vik Bansal. He is the new appointed Chief Executive Officer of InfraBuild. […]

How Mark Hauser Developed in Fitness Industry

Mark Hauser is a renowned entrepreneur in the fitness industry. He has devoted his investment in the sector, making tremendous strides. He witnessed his father, Art Mark Hauser, pursue the initiative and promise to make it even better. As a result, he developed his professional career around this industry. Since then, he has created companies that are now thriving. Currently, […]