Du Shuanghua Recap

Du Shuanghua’s History with Rizhao Steel Rizhao Steel made a deal with Mount Gibson in 2007 in which Rizhao promised to procure approximately 1.5 million tons of ores from Mount Gibson each year. The business was thriving, but only two years later, Shandong Steel Group attempted an aggressive takeover of Rizhao Steel. Du Shuanghua, a successful Chinese businessman, attempted to […]

Luke Lazarus on Marketing Consultancy and Top Marketing Trends.

Luke Lazarus is an Australian entrepreneur and an owner of a consultant firm that provides expertise to companies seeking to replicate his success. He has been part of different marketing teams and companies that have created his consultancy firm, Luke Lazarus Consulting. The team at Lazarus Consulting has worked with clients in different fields. He has been able to get […]

Luke Lazarus Success Tips

When in business, connecting with people and learning new ideas is very important. The modern population is very busy with their professional and personal lives, and on numerous occasions, they forget to form friendships with the right people. The latest technological advancements have made so much difference in the social lives of many people. Read more: Luke Lazarus | Cake […]

Ryan Kavanaugh: The Man Who Is Changing the Face of the Boxing Industry

Ryan Kavanaugh earned his Bachelor’s degree from Stanford University. Prior to founding Triller, Kavanaugh served as a producer for The Wrestler starring Mickey Rourke and Marisa Tomei. Ryan Kavanaugh also produced Next Friday starring Michael Cera and Jason Sudeikis. Houston Business Journal featured Ryan Kavanaugh and his family’s thriving real estate and investment portfolio. Kavanaugh and his family began their […]

 David Azzato Highlights Why Business Owners in England Should Involve Employees in Decision Making Process

In most of the organizations in England, decisions seem to be a preserve of the leading executives who are involved in the management and operations of various business organizations. This means that the junior employees who are involved in the daily management and operations of the organization are not given an opportunity to help in making decisions with regard to […]

Grants Assist: What Relevant Factors Influence Your Eligibility

Even though grants are not repaid, the recipients must meet the eligibility criteria. These requirements are mostly rigid, which leads to tough competition among applicants. Based on the form of grant you want and your industry, there could be multiple choices from which to decide. In this case, the determining factors would be your location, industry, and business. There are […]

About Dr. Chris Brummer

Dr. Chris Brummer is an expert lawyer who has been working in the field for many years, though he is currently located in Georgetown. He is actually the faculty director and is a professor himself at the Institute of International Economic Law, which showcases a bit of what Brummer is interested in. He has been working at this facility since […]

Jesse Willms Has Consistently Found New Ways to Innovative During His Entrepreneurial Career

Jesse Willms is a respected entrepreneur who is currently serving in the professional role of chief executive officer with the website vehiclehistory.com. His expertise as a businessman extends across a wide range of different fields. He is highly experienced in the field of internet marketing and is renowned for his knowledge about the history of cars.  Jesse Willms is professionally […]