Activision Blizzard’s New Union

Activision Blizzard workers recently formed one of the first ever unions in the American video game industry. The union is called the Game Workers Alliance. It was created by quality assurance contractors who had been working for Raven Software, a studio known for its work on the game Call of Duty: Warzone. The union formed during the Raven Quality Assurance […]

 Steps Bobby Kotick Has Taken to Ensure Activision Blizzard Changes for The Better

Bobby Kotick, Activision Blizzard’s CEO, sent an open letter to his workers addressing what measures the renowned game company will take amid the firm’s ongoing lawsuits with several government agencies. Bobby Kotick notes that Activision Blizzard will implement a zero-tolerance harassment policy with stringent rules and constant monitoring. Any worker found to have retaliated against anyone for raising a complaint […]

Min-Liang Tan Shocks Many As He Quits a Lucrative Career To Start A Gaming Software

It is rare for people to let it go what seems lucrative to venture into something they did not study. However, to the Razer CEO; Min-Liang Tan, it wasn’t hard. For a long time, the Bachelor’s Degree holder from the National University of Singapore practiced law by representing various clients, some of whom were high-end clients from rich families. However, […]