Five Things You Didn’t Know About Edgard Corona

Many finesses enthusiasts have come across the name Edgard Corona as a force to reckon with. Running up 490 gyms with revenue higher than 191 million dollars, he makes waves in Brazil and the American industry. With his company going public, many people were curious about him. Below are five things the Edgard Alura interview exposes that you should know:

1. Education

In the Edgard Corona Forbes interview, it’s clear he was studious in school. Learning in São Paulo, Santo Américo, the CEO of SmartFit studied Chemical engineering at FAAP. Naturally, this led to him starting a laboratory on material analysis and opening a factory later on.

2. Personal life

Edgard loved to exercise with a specific interest in skiing. Unfortunately, he was in an accident in 1995, which made him lose all leg functions. It took about two years to get back to normal life, leading him to leave the material analysis laboratory company. On the Edgard likeaboss site, he clearly says it took him two years to do physical therapy. Fortunately, incurring on cost, he was able to work out in his gym. The two years were the steppingstone to running his gym full-time.

3. Education and Work History

Edgard Corona started working in his field of study as a chemical engineer immediately after finishing school. Soon after, he decided to start a gym. In 1996, he founded the Bio Ritmo chain in Santo. Due to the subway expansion, he lost his only gym but opened up another soon enough. Now, Edgard is the CEO and founder of SmartFit company.

4. Find Inspiration Elsewhere

Edgard Corona admits that his business was failing after a while. To get inspiration from elsewhere, he turned to Planet fitness gym in the U.S. The ideas he got made him hire an American architect to change the design. Besides, it forced him to hire an Australian trainer to draw up fitness plans clients could use.

5. Key business Concept

After placing all the burden on himself for management in 2003, Edgard decided to restructure the Bio Ritmo company. Instead of a centralized system, he believes in a horizontal administration system. Doing so allows bosses to challenge teams for overall improvement. Edgard Corona’s: Facebook Page.