Greg Blatt Shares Insights Into Is Leadership Technique

Today, online dating is a norm, and you likely have a presence in more than a couple of online dating sites. Among the business leaders responsible for making online dating the success that it is today is Greg Blatt.

Between 2003 and 2017, he worked in various leadership capacities in the world-leading online dating conglomerate, IAC, which owns Match Group, Tinder, Sinlesnet,, and People Media. Blatt has been the CEO, Chairman, and Executive Vice President across these enterprises. Not so long ago, the celebrated business executive came out to share insights on his leadership technique.

A leadership style driven by the desire for success

According to this accomplished former IAC business executive, his leadership style is driven by the desire for success. Blatt is always trying to find the best way to lead the entities under his watch to prosperity. Greg Blatt mentioned that he tries not to overschedule his days to have enough time to engage in critical and creative thinking. This way, he can prepare better to handle the unforeseeable necessities that may arise.

Greg Blatt added that he is also always delegating duties to his subordinates. This allows him to accomplish tasks much faster. Moreover, he can maintain his focus on the most crucial parts of a business. The former IAC executive revealed that to ensure that delegation works without hiccups, he continually invests lots of time and resources in hiring the best team. See this article for additional information.

About Greg Blatt

Besides being a top-notch business executive, Greg Blatt is also an outstanding investor. He owns about 1.5 million units of Match stock which i9s estimated to be worth up to $221 million. The former IAC executive started his career in New York’s legal space as an Associate and worked for some of the most outstanding law firms. He is a graduate of Colgate University and Columbia Law School, where he attained his J.D.


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