Haroldo Jacobovicz: A Successful Technology Entrepreneur

Haroldo Jacobovicz is an established tech guru and undisputed business leader with a successful professional career. Born and bred by engineering parents, the individual was inspired to learn engineering at a young age. The drive saw him join a prodigiousuniversity in Brazil, the Federal University of Parana for an engineering degree. During the 1980s, the serial entrepreneur discovered his undying love and a soft spot for information technology. Fascinated in curating his career and becoming successful like his parents, he worked pretty hard to achieve his professional goals. A qualified civil engineer and educated individual is well-versed in transforming ideas into solutions. His ambition and drive to grow a career in the technology scope saw him become a renowned and reputable reader.

But wait, the business leader researched various materials featuring a breadth of information regarding information technology. His great zeal and determination saw him garner excellent knowledge and become well-grounded in reality. Upon graduating, Haroldo Jacobovicz leveraged his extensive knowledge and skills to initiate a technology company. Microsystem was launched to automate inventory processes in supermarkets, stores, and pharmacies. Unfortunately, Minotauro shut down in less than a year because the retail market was not equipped for automation. Mr. Haroldo learned valuable knowledge and forged ahead to seek success in the technology landscape.

And yes, the serial entrepreneur moved on to work with big businesses that understood the potentiality of incorporating technology. His professional endeavor with Exxon Mobil Corporation helped him garner the success and expertise he boasts to date. Haroldo is well-known as a successful business leader in Brazil. The entrepreneur gloats, initiating numerous companies and propelling them to resounding success. He launched Minauro Company to play a key role in public agencies. The business leader ventured forth to establish an e-Govern Group which scaled through the ranks to build a national reputation. In 2010, Haroldo Jacobovicz created Horizons Telecom to play a significant part in the corporate market.