Michael Capiraso Joins JoggingBuddy

Michael Capiraso, the previous NYRR’s CEO, recently joined JoggingBuddy as a shareholder. He also became part of the company’s board as their advisor. Michael made up his mind to join and work with JoggingBuddy just after learning about it. He noted that the program’s executive motivates people to stay in good shape by engaging in healthy activities such as jogging, running, or walking.

Most people know Mr. Capiraso as a devoted leader who delivered remarkable results in the sports and entertainment sectors while working as the NYRR CEO. Before getting an appointment for that position, Michael worked at the NFL and several other institutions. Since he loves entrepreneurship and running, Mr. Capiraso helped various teams he led to growing by introducing modern technologies in the sector.

While working as NYRR’s boss, he helped the institution gain more than double its revenue in previous years. Also, it was during his tenure that NYRR doubled the number of participants in various events. He collaborated with various organizations, like TCS, to provide charity to various struggling communities. Michael opened a center for athletes and introduced virtual racing to the world. Besides, he facilitated the construction of NYRR’s new offices and warehouse used by the institution’s employees.

When he served both as the head and board member at NYRR, Mr. Michael Capiraso made the team a top performer, employed professionals in the organization, and sought more ways of earning revenue for the institution. He found new ways that the organization would use for its expenses to reduce. As the head of NYRR, Michael made the team lead in the marathon in the world. He brought in a new vision for the team so that various New York teams could come together and work as a group.

He also raised more than 100,000 dollars for supporting the NYRR children’s team from various marathons that he participated in. JoggingBuddy’s CEO, Tony Piedade, noted that the firm was elated to welcome Mr. Michael Capiraso as part of their team because of his vast experience and commitment to sports. Michael is also an ardent supporter of people who want to remain healthy by watching their activities. Read More: https://www.sportstravelmagazine.com/tag/michael-capiraso/