Pam Baer Makes It To The Global Map Thanks To Her Outstanding Altruistic Activities

Pam Baer altruistic activities are recognized in the Bay Area of San Francisco and across the globe. The distinguished businesswoman traces her roots back in Texas. She pursued her finance and economics degree at the prestigious University of Texas. After her graduation, Pam established a commendable and enviable career in financial services before quitting to venture into business.

Over the years, she has always been thrilled and inspired by huge public sculpture installations especially when they are community-building and trigger creativity. Pamela Baer depicted that San Francisco has always been a home for exceptional public pieces of art. She continues to depict that during the unprecedented times of the Covid-19 pandemic, she was able to travel via zoom and see some astounding installations across the globe.

Art has always given Pam Baer a warm buzz of inspiration and appreciation. In the quest to expand her altruistic activities, she launched a charitable organization dubbed For Goodness Sake in the year 2014 to include numerous sectors of the society. This was a small movable boutique created to support educational, community, and health causes by selling crafts and accessories created and designed by local artists.

In the quest to support and showcase local innovative talent, For Goodness Sake sought to support several nonprofits by donating a significant portion of the organization’s sales. The mobile boutique also made technical appearances at cultural and community events seeking to raise cognizance among the local society and also inspire charitable giving.

After four years of inception, the organization had raised close to one million dollars in a donation to a myriad of nonprofits in the Bay Area of San Francisco. Pamela Baer attributes her success to the organizational and endurance skills to her daily preparation. She is also an advocate of spending leisure time outside work as it maintains optimal health. Go to this page on Twitter, to learn more.


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