Rap Music and Betsy DeVos: What?

If you enjoy rap music and politics, this hard-to-picture story is for you. It will detail a day in the life of the education secretary and Pitbull. At first, one may not understand why these two very different people were hanging out together on the same stage, but you will soon see that the things they do have in common run rather deep.


Betsy DeVos was working in her capacity as the secretary of education. She flew to Florida to visit with the governor, and while she was there, she stopped by a charter school called SLAM. SLAM is a private school for kids in the 6th through the 12th grade. The letters stand for sports, leadership, and management.


Pitbull financially supports SLAM, and he is also involved with other private schools. Many people do not support his efforts because of his other side businesses, including his music. His songs are often filled with inappropriate language, and some of his actions can be construed as vulgar and belittling to women. Because of his activities outside these schools, many people feel uncomfortable that he is involved with education.


Betsy DeVos did not appear to be offended by his past behavior. There is a photograph of her and the singer standing in front of a SLAM banner on Twitter. In the picture, Pitbull is wearing a suit and tie and looks like a businessperson. DeVos is wearing a black skirt and blouse. If you did not know what they did for a living, you might assume they were parents or instructors at the school.


Florida has been one of DeVos’ success stories. The state has welcomed all variations of education, including charter and faith-based facilities. Betsy DeVos has worked to encourage all states to adopt this openness to education. Over the years, some of the southern states, such as Mississippi, have slowly integrated the programs. School choice is not widely accepted in all states, but with the support of more celebrities from different venues, it might catch on.


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