Ryan Kavanaugh: The Man Who Is Changing the Face of the Boxing Industry

Ryan Kavanaugh earned his Bachelor’s degree from Stanford University. Prior to founding Triller, Kavanaugh served as a producer for The Wrestler starring Mickey Rourke and Marisa Tomei. Ryan Kavanaugh also produced Next Friday starring Michael Cera and Jason Sudeikis. Houston Business Journal featured Ryan Kavanaugh and his family’s thriving real estate and investment portfolio. Kavanaugh and his family began their real estate and investment company, Triad Capital Partners, in 1987.

What was the inspiration behind Triller?

Initially, this app was designed as a group effort, where users would upload these videos and share the best clips on social media. The unique quality of Triller is that users are ultimately able to develop their own voice and brand. In this way, Triller is breaking down traditional industry boundaries, adding a captivating new twist to social media sharing.


Ryan Kavanaugh: We’re excited to announce that our newest app, Triller, has been released today and will be available for all iOS devices. For the first time ever, you’ll be able to instantly add rich sound and animation to any live video stream, transforming it into a personalized experience that is ready to share with friends, family, and the world. You’ll also be able to turn a Live Facebook stream into a perfectly-timed Vine. Check out Triller for more information.

The Fight Club

In April 2013, Ryan Kavanaugh created Triller, a video-sharing app. He recognized a new technology and investment opportunity that is prevalent in today’s consumer market. Kavanaugh’s goal is to continue to provide a forum for the highest quality creative content through his business, Triller. The executive is hoping to keep the brand and its unique platform at the forefront of innovation.

What is NFT?

The abbreviation “NFT” stands for “Next Generation,” and in the context of recent events surrounding Triller and NFT, it has been quite literal. Last year Kavanaugh and Triller gained attention and attracted new investors after a high-profile battle with YouTube and the Big Five video-sharing service. Kavanaugh famously challenged YouTube’s leadership with a guerrilla marketing campaign, including a high-profile “I am not a robot” stunt at the Sundance Film Festival, that seemed to put him in the good graces of YouTube and some of its investors.