Solar, Renewable Energy Solutions: PosiGen

PosiGen solar panels are designed to be easy, affordable and reliable. PosiGen has been providing renewable energy solutions for over 25 years.The solar power company is the only U.S.-based company that manufactures its own high-efficiency solar panels with an integrated microinverter system. PosiGen’s patented technology is the key to their success in manufacturing high quality products at an affordable price. PosiGEN provides residential and commercial customers with a variety of options when it comes to going green, including solar lease programs or full purchase plans for new construction projects or home renovations.


PosiGen provides expert installation, service and monitoring. With over 25 years of experience in the solar industry, PosiGen has all the tools to provide you with a personalized solution to meeting your green energy needs. The solar power company’s products are high quality, professional grade panels that have been around long enough to prove their reliability. PosiGen provides you with a return on your investment in just 5 years thanks to the 30% federal tax credit for solar energy systems and utility company rebates. The average home will produce 1/3 of its total power, which basically means you will no longer need to pay your utility bill.


PosiGen solar panels are designed with the environment in mind, using technology that is free of hazardous chemicals like lead and mercury (unlike most other solar technologies). They also use recycled materials when they manufacture their products, which means they are both effective and environmentally friendly! The PosiGen solar power company has developed a solar panel that is truly unique. The solar panels are manufactured with the microinverter system built into each panel, making installation quick and easy. 

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