Steps Bobby Kotick Has Taken to Ensure Activision Blizzard Changes for The Better

Bobby Kotick, Activision Blizzard’s CEO, sent an open letter to his workers addressing what measures the renowned game company will take amid the firm’s ongoing lawsuits with several government agencies. Bobby Kotick notes that Activision Blizzard will implement a zero-tolerance harassment policy with stringent rules and constant monitoring. Any worker found to have retaliated against anyone for raising a complaint will get fired immediately. J. Allen Brack, the company’s president, resigned amidst the allegations.

In the letter, Bobby Kotick has also asked the organization’s board of directors to lower his salary and compensation to the minimum amount ($62,500) under California Law until the board feels specific inclusion, diversity, and equity goals have been achieved, and the overall workplace culture of the company has improved.

Bobby Kotick also noted that the game company, Activision Blizzard, would waive any arbitration requirements in sexual harassment and discrimination claims. This means that the victims can file a lawsuit instead of settling for a private dispute resolution to eliminate verbal and written warnings that have proved ineffective. Bobby Kotick also pushed to raise the number of employees who identify as non-binary or women by 50% by investing $250 million to encourage diverse talents to join the gaming industry. To further this commitment, Activision Blizzard will invest another $250 million in the next ten years in programs that will help expand gaming and technology opportunities for lowly represented communities.

Bobby Kotick also notes that the company plans to enhance pay transparency and give yearly updates on diversity hiring, gender hiring, and workplace progress to promote diversity and inclusion among the company’s workforce and eliminate workplace toxicity. Kotick’s letter also supports other tougher actions, including firing more than 20 employees and making several updates to its games to eliminate problematic references, content, and individuals.

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