Switch Today, And Start Saving With Utility Warehouse

Over 650,000 people in the United Kingdom are now getting a better deal on their home services. These homeowners and apartment dwellers have switched to Utility Warehouse, and the company continues to grow every year. This company offers a choice of bundles of utility services, and each one is designed to provide your choice of premier services at a low cost. Word-of-mouth advertising has proven to be very positive for Utility Warehouse and their customers. 

The more services you sign on for, the more you save. What’s more, customers can also earn bonus rewards. For example, the Everything One includes electricity, gas, broadband, mobile, and insurance. The other bundles offer a different combination of any of these home services. Utility Warehouse was the recipient of the Which? award in 2020, an award that honors excellence of service from a utilities brand. The company previously won the same Which? Utilities Brand of the Year Award in 2018. 


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Telecom Plus PLC launched the company to serve the consumers in the U.K. with a better choice for their home utility needs. Utility Warehouse was established in 2002. Customers receive excellent service from their support team, and they can access their online account portal at any time. They only get one monthly bill no matter how many home utilities they purchase from Utility Warehouse. 

The company also offers career opportunities for their Authorised UW Partners. The Partners receive full training, so they can professionally and knowledgeably assist their customers with a smooth transition to Utility Warehouse. The firm offers up to L200 to reward its customers as they switch to Utility Warehouse.