The Role of Peter Briger in Princeton Entrepreneurship

Peter Briger is a senior principal and the chairman of the board of management at Fortress Investment Group, a multinational organization that manages assets belonging to different organizations around the world. Peter Briger joined the entity in 2002 where he joined as a member of the management committee before walking himself way up the ladder to become one of the most important members of the organization. His financial and investment knowledge has made him a prominent and an eminent personality in the world of business. Before joining Fortress Investment Group, Briger worked as a partner at Goldman Sachs and Company where he played a key role in purchasing alternative assets and selling them at a profit.

Peter Briger has been contributing large amounts of funds in the kitty that has helped a significant number of graduates to achieve their dreams. Current statistics indicate that the fund has helped establish more than twenty-five businesses that are owned and run by former Princeton University graduates. The funds operate in such a way that fresh graduates receive $100,000 as a matching grant hence helping the young individuals to establish their businesses. Peter Briger is a member of the board at Princeton University Entrepreneurship. He is one of the few people who manage the kitty that determines the graduates who will receive funding where his influence and assistance in decision making is irreplaceable. This is owed to the vast financial experience that he possesses.

Besides contributing large amounts of funding in Princeton University Entrepreneurship program, Peter Briger plays a vital role in mentoring potential investors graduating from the university where he offers his unmatched experience in finance and investment industry. He is also engaged in ensuring that the businesses funded by the alumnus kitty operate professionally and that they have high chances of survival. Guiding small businesses to large established entities is an important role bestowed to him by other members of the Princeton University alumni. This means that Briger has a position as a significant contributor and strategists in the whole program that has proved to be a revelation to many Princeton University graduates.