Luke Lazarus on Marketing Consultancy and Top Marketing Trends.

Luke Lazarus is an Australian entrepreneur and an owner of a consultant firm that provides expertise to companies seeking to replicate his success. He has been part of different marketing teams and companies that have created his consultancy firm, Luke Lazarus Consulting. The team at Lazarus Consulting has worked with clients in different fields. He has been able to get […]

Ryan Bishti, Hospitality Expert

Ryan Bishti is the true definition of you need more than a marketing degree to succeed in hospitality. Bishti has an outstanding company portfolio that includes hotspots in London such as Restaurant Ours and the Windmill Soho. He credits his remarkable entrepreneurial resume to a solid commitment to his four pillars of success in the hotel industry: ambiance and décor, […]

<h1><strong>How CFOs Can Handle 2022, With Insight From Gary McGaghey </strong><h1> 

The business landscape for chief financial officers in this new year is one of uncertainty. It is proving quite a challenge to predict future trends, which will present a unique challenge to CFOs everywhere. Among the impending challenges is the risk of a shortage of professionals to work as employees. In addition to this, the ever-evolving COVId-19 virus that continues […]

Abdulla Al Humaidi, CEO of Kuwaiti European Holding

 Dr. Abdulla Al Humaidi of the Kuwait Al Humaidi family founded Kuwaiti European Holding Co., a well-established holding investment group with various interests in the European market, a leading company in the telecommunications sector. The company has been operating for over 30 years and has many clients in the public sector, including Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. Led by Abdulla Al […]

How Dr. Alddo Molinar is Professionally Interacting with His Patients

Interacting with the patients is one of the most important undertakings that individual medical professionals should ensure they have adopted if they want to have a good career. Unfortunately, it has been discovered that the majority of healthcare workers don’t interact with their patients as needed. In fact, there have been some major reports that others go into the extreme […]

 Sparkasse Bank Malta Recap

Sparkasse Bank Malta with the Changing Times Even in the terrifyingly complicated world of finance, where Sparkasse Bank Malta currently dominates, logistics and supply-chain technologies may be difficult to grasp. The logistics and supply chain business, which involves the transfer of around $700 billion in freight throughout the United States, is a particularly active area of attention. It promises to […]