A Dive Into The Life of Andrew Alexander

How many people can say they laugh all the way to the bank, career wise and financially? One man, Andrew Alexander has not just mastered the art of comedy, he has managed to build an empire that has also employed hundreds of people.

Andrew Alexander founded The Second City from a dream to a reality. He borrowed seven thousand dollars from his friend and got started. With a small car and $150 as his weekly income, and even when the cheques bounced, he did not give up. He eventually got his first show on televisions and things soared from there.

The Second City stage has given a platform to many great acts in the comedy world of today. People like Steve Carell and Chris Farley got their start at The Second City. Andrew has an immense love for Chicago, which is why he began his dream right there. The stage was even nominated for an Emmy.

In his personal life, he is very driven to bring talent to life, and those who have advanced to platforms like SNL are enough proof.

Second City is popularly known as SCTV and under Andrew, successful projects such as I, Martin Short, Goes Home and the SC Project were able to be executed. These have been major success in terms of ratings and viewership.

Andrew prides himself in being a helpful and charitable. He is involved in various causes that help elevate those who are less advantaged and to promote more inclusivity and diversity.

Learn more about Alexander: https://medium.com/@TheAAlexander

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