Alejandro Betancourt Incorporates Celebrities In His Marketing Strategy

Hawkers have continued making tremendous milestones in the industry. The company was started by four friends who had no experience in eyewear. However, with the sunglasses taking a spot in the country, the Spanish counterparts agreed to make vital changes in the company. Alejandro Betancourt’s entry was the beginning of new dawn in the company with the deal already sealed. He bagged not only a position as the president but also came through for the company in investments. In addition, he funded some money to ensure that the company was running in productivity of the eyewear.

Alejandro Betancourt concern in the industry was triggered by the dropping of sales. He quickly took action, through well-calculated moves, by getting to well-strategized marketing. As leaders, the market tactics are needed well, since the sunglasses were already famous.

It became easier to woo customers through social media. He tactfully allowed people to know the products and other new products of the from the company. As a result, they leveraged many followers and especially on Facebook, and made huge sales. It was also a leap of step to continue progressively transacting their business online.

Alejandro Betancourt also incorporated celebrities in different industries to market the brand on social media and built new partnerships with companies like PayPal that used their products. In addition, his leadership was not affected by how he met the company. He courageously held his team together and ensured despite the hurdles that they face, moving at the front and achieving their goals is the ultimate decision. He incorporated every team player in the business to ensure that they develop objectives benefitting the company.

Alejandro Betancourt has driven the Hawkers in inducing products that align with measures to incorporate quality products with keenness to the environment. In addition, they have also been in need to make their costs lower but in essence of keeping to the high competition in the market. As a result, all ages and wear hawkers sunglasses that come in different colors.

Alejandro Betancourt has built a brand in the company with its expansion rate growing big in other counties around Europe. They are hoping to continue changing the spectrum in the fashion industry. Alejandro Betancourt Lopez’s: Twitter.