Alex Pissios Recap

Alex Pissios Views On Bringing Film and TV Back to Chicago

Alex Pissios is a film fanatic and a passionate advocate for programming that shows off the city where it takes place. His hometown, Chicago, has languished for years as TV producers moved to more affordable cities. It took a programmer with an eye for opportunity to change all of that. KW Alex Pissios talks about how he used his programming insight and love for film to bring back beloved shows.

The Future of TV Production in Chicago

When KW Alex Pissios first got to Chicago, he loved the city so much that he decided to stay and work in the industry. And he eventually found a home in the city’s creative content community. With his programming skills, passion for the town, and ability to recruit top talent, Pissios changed the landscape of Chicago TV. And he made a convincing case to the studios and networks, who are starting to come back to Chicago. Pissios believes a lot of streaming content coming online, with services a month for a sizeable amount of channels, will change the film industry. The country has a lot of demand for those channels, and many people want to watch good content but don’t want to pay a large amount of money to do it.


Pissios has made many changes to the city’s creative industry, but one thing he’s focused on above all else is getting Chicago back on the map as a filming destination. Alex says he will keep returning to how he will make Chicago a goal again. To change that, Pissios has been working with Chicago Tourism. He’s also working with the city’s convention and visitors bureau to ensure people know about the city’s creative industry. Pissios adds that it’s about getting everybody to work together because everyone has to be updated with the correct information, and it’s about making it easier to find out what the city offers.