Chicago Game Show: Alex Pissios 

Alex Pissios properties are used for big time productions
Alex Pissios properties are used for big time productions


Alex Pissios, a gamer, and avid slot player, are excited to announce his expansion into the Greater Chicago market. After landing in Vegas last year and seeing the success of his film company, Alex Pissios film has expanded its brand to include slots as well. With direct access to Lake Michigan via The Chicago River and its many casinos, the city is a perfect fit for this sports-themed entrepreneur. Alex is thrilled to be building on his first successful casino platform with this new expansion.

Alex Pissios and the Birth of Pissios Film

Alex Pissios is an avid slot player and owner of the successful Pissios Film Group, featuring casino and sports-themed slots. He has been a passionate advocate for the benefits of adding slots to casinos for years and is excited to expand his brand to the Chicago market. After launching his first casino platform in Vegas, Alex saw the tremendous potential of expanding the brand to other cities. He chose Chicago because of its great location, access to top talent, and active slot community. He also wanted to bring his experience in Vegas to the Chicago market, where ten different casinos have already expressed interest in Alex Pissios film products. Casino operators have been looking for new ways to draw consumers to the film floor for many years. The introduction of slots has had tremendous success in this regard, creating a compelling reason for visitors to come to play at their favourite casino. 


There’s no doubt that slots are having a significant impact on the film industry, and the rise of online casinos has only made playing these games even more accessible to players. Pissios film is an excellent addition to the Chicago market and will help casinos attract players with its high-quality games.