Dr. Bharat Lall, the CEO of Pinnacle Hotels USA

A doctor and a hotelier have some differences. One goes to a business school while another attends a medical school. Besides, the scope of their services is different since one attends to patients and the other serves guests. Although they may seem unrelated professions, Dr. Barry Lall, the CEO of Pinnacle hotels, has made the difference in services small after engaging in both professions. According to Dr. Lall, both professions provide care to humans.

Dr. Lall was born in Nyasaland in a resource-limited village. During his teens, his family moved to Zambia, where his father established a clothing store. Consequently, Lall would serve as a salesman in some seasons. Interestingly, his father could leave the storefront under Lall’s management. According to Dr. Lall, his interest in entrepreneurship was born from such responsibilities.

Although Lall had an interest in entrepreneurship, he studied medicine due to instabilities that were experienced in his family. Consequently, Lall moved to England for his pre-medical degree and afterward went to Scotland for his medical school. After his medical course, he began his practice in the United States, where he moved with his family.

Dr. Lall developed an interest in serving the people since the beginning of his career. However, he recalls how his internship was exhausting. Due to the risk on his mental and physical well being Lall began thinking of changing his career. In 1989, his interest in hotel entrepreneurship was kindled when he came across a lodge advertised for sale in a local newspaper. Consequently, he moved to Tucson and bought Days Inn.

Dr. Lall continued amassing skills in the hotel sector. Interestingly, he borrowed some skills from the medical field. For instance, Dr. Lall claims that decisiveness and listening are key skills useful in the medical field and hotel sector. Besides, he emphasizes the importance of coordination, which is essential in both sectors. In 1998, he established Pinnacle Hotels USA. Lall is keen on investment. He usually buys and improves poor properties to increase their value.

Dr. Bharat Lall has exceptional leadership. His commitment and determination have led to the growth of Pinnacle Hotels. The firm has above 400 employees with a revenue of about $40 million. Currently, he is the CEO of the firm, and he lives in California.