Going Solar With PosiGen

Solar power is one of the most efficient ways to power a person’s residence. It creates less of a carbon footprint on the Earth than other forms of electrical power. Solar power is all an option that allows people to live in cleaner environments. One reason that many people don’t get solar power is because of the cost to install the system. These systems can often cost a lot of money upfront. This initial investment is often unattainable for people in the lower income brackets (Bizneworleans).


PosiGen is a solar electric company that was founded in 2011. The company was founded with the intention of helping the victims of Hurricane Katrina rebuild their homes with the option of having access to affordable solar power. This innovative idea was so successful in New Orleans that the company has since branched out into other parts of the country. Customers of PosiGen have two options for the installation of a solar system to their residence. They can either opt to lease the solar system or they can outright purchase it. 


The lease option includes energy efficiency upgrades, monitoring and maintenance of the system for the life of the lease, and includes the installation itself. This option also allows customers to pay for the system with low monthly payments. It also does not require a credit report to be obtained. The purchase option includes the installation and 12 years of monitoring and maintenance. Financing options are also available for customers who wish to purchase the solar power system. PosiGen is also an active participant in informing and educating their customers and potential customers. The company provides many different blogs on their website. These blogs include information on the benefits of a solar energy system. They also include tips on how to keep your residence operating effectively and efficiently. Since its inception in 2011, PosiGen has helped thousands of customers obtain a solar power system. The company is still located in New Orleans, Louisiana. However, it has also expanded into Connecticut and New Jersey. 


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