Miki Agrawal Shares Her Philosophy On Life And Accomplishments

Forty-three-year-old social entrepreneur Miki Agrawal doesn’t mind talking about subjects that may turn others red-faced. Whether it’s poop or pizza, Miki Agrawal takes it on with passion.


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The Montreal, Canada native is the founder of a bidet attachment company called TUSHY. This electronic bidet seat was launched in 2018. Because of her notable accomplishments, Agrawal was recognized by Canada’s most creative people by Fast Magazine.

Miki Agrawal is considered a Jack of all trades. Aside from being an entrepreneur, she is a songwriter, author, and environmentalist. She recently spoke at a summit in Antarctica about using art and creativity to address world pollution problems.

People who know Miki Agrawal best describe her as passionate and authentic when it comes to causes she believes in. She says she loves to mentor young entrepreneurs, especially minorities.

In a recent interview, Agrawal discusses how she has exposed her 4-year-old son to nature and freedom of expression. She also talks about the important role her identical twin sister and parents played in shaping her life.

Agrawal says she is very proud of her invention and how it will modernize bidets. She says the goal of the invention has to do primarily with saving the environment.

“Each year over 15 million trees are used to make paper towels and tissue. My invention can potentially save millions of dollars and help clean properly.”

Agrawal stresses the fact that bidets are considered reusable products and they can help lessen our carbon footprint.

“I just want to help elevate people on the planet to think about the consequences of damaging the environment.”

Agrawal says she has no regrets about her life at this point. She says every mistake she’s ever made has made her wiser and stronger.

The advice she would give others: never sweat the small stuff. It’s not worth it.