Min-Liang Tan Shocks Many As He Quits a Lucrative Career To Start A Gaming Software

It is rare for people to let it go what seems lucrative to venture into something they did not study. However, to the Razer CEO; Min-Liang Tan, it wasn’t hard. For a long time, the Bachelor’s Degree holder from the National University of Singapore practiced law by representing various clients, some of whom were high-end clients from rich families. However, that did not convince him that he was on the right track. In fact, he quit practicing law when many believe he was at the prime of his career. To him, he regrets why he did not quit earlier.

Today, more than 15 years after starting Razer, a gaming software and hardware company alongside his long time friend Robert Krakoff, Min-Liang Tan says he is a happy man. “When I see what we have been able to achieve after being in the business for barely fifteen years, I tell myself I made the right decision,” Min says.

Razer started off as a gaming startup that develops gaming hardware. It was after the company’s first product that did very well that Min-Liang Tan and his co-founder decided to try other gaming products. Today, Razer is a proud producer of hardware, software, eWallets and other products that make gaming and payment for various games easy and fast. Go here for more information.

“When we started, my partner and I asked ourselves whether it was possible to create a better gaming mouse that would give gamers a good experience than what they were used to. Interestingly, we managed to give them a tool they actually wanted. Boomslang Mouse was our maiden product that has transformed the gaming world. We are not stopping at just introducing gaming hardware.

We have since incorporated software and other services,” said Min-Liang Tan. Mr. Tan has held many positions of oversight in various companies for many years. Tan is MOL Global Inc Executive Director, a position he has held since 2017 and a board member with Intellectual Property Office (IPO) since 2015.


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