Bhanu Choudhrie's business success

Bhanu Choudhrie is an experienced businessman. There are several areas where he has invested successfully. Before he embarks on any form of investment, he takes time to research widely before developing the best investment strategies. There are several people he has helped to achieve great success. As a highly experienced expert, he knows the right measures to take. Researching new […]

Four Steps that IM Academy Uses to Allow Students Achieve Happiness

IM Academy is a learning institution based in New York City. It was formed to work only as a digital platform that allows learners to use online resources to become competent traders. The learning platform has made its information accessible through their mobile application and their online website. Students can access all the academy’s learning resources through paying subscriptions. Through […]

Miki Agrawal Shares Her Philosophy On Life And Accomplishments

Forty-three-year-old social entrepreneur Miki Agrawal doesn’t mind talking about subjects that may turn others red-faced. Whether it’s poop or pizza, Miki Agrawal takes it on with passion.   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by mikiagrawal (@mikiagrawal) The Montreal, Canada native is the founder of a bidet attachment company called TUSHY. This electronic bidet seat was launched […]

QNET Recap

QNET is one of the biggest e-commerce direct selling companies in the world. It was founded in 1998. Its goal is to provide high-quality products and services to the public. QNET Ltd, formerly called GoldQuest, GoldMedal, and QI Limited, is now a multi-level marketing company owned by the QI Group, a well-known Chinese investment firm. The company’s products are health, […]

How DSI Cloud Inventory Products Can Help You accelerate your inventory visibility development

DSI Cloud Inventory has introduced a new integration with Salesforce to provide complete visibility into service work orders. This will allow service departments to use the Cloud Inventory products to manage its inventory levels and order replenishment, eliminating the need for the IT department to run manual reports or manually input data into a spreadsheet. The integration allows users to […]

Philanthropist And Futurist Jason Hope Is Passionate About Stem Cell Therapy

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur, investor, philanthropist, and futurist who is passionate about biomedicine’s human advancement niche, anti-aging, longevity, and innovative medical interventions. He feels stem cell therapy can help to eradicate certain diseases (Medium).    Jason Hope sees growing “parent” cells and creating healthy new cells for the body as an effective regenerative treatment for Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease, […]