Thriving Post-Pandemic: Australia’s Manufacturing Sector Has Chances To Grow — InfraBuild CEO Vik Bansal

InfraBuild is a privately owned company headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. They specialize in the construction of factories and heavy industry infrastructure such as pipelines and power stations. The company has been working on projects all over the world including the Middle East, Africa, Russia and South America.

As part of his role as CEO of InfraBuild, he will be focusing on helping manufacturing businesses in Australia thrive after the pandemic crisis. With the latest technology and an innovative approach, InfraBuild Global aims to provide clients with solutions that are customized to their needs. Vik Bansal says “Manufacturing is a strong pillar of the Australian economy and I am confident it will continue to be so after this pandemic passes.” He believes that Australian manufacturing sectors can thrive post-pandemic.

Vik Bansal: Infrastructure development will be one of the key industries to drive economic growth for Australia in the coming years. InfraBuild, the leading integrated steel manufacturing, distribution and recycling company in Australia has announced that its new chief executive officer is Vik Bansal. Mr. Bansal is a visionary leader who believes that the manufacturing sector in Australia will thrive post-pandemic.

InfraBuild, the global leader in infrastructure construction appointed Vik Bansal as their new CEO. He will serve on the board of directors at InfraBuild to oversee operations and lead InfraBuild’s strategy for long-term sustainability.

The company provides building, construction and infrastructure services to the mining, gas and energy sectors. The company has announced their new CEO, Vik Bansal, who will be leading the business through its next phase of growth. InfraBuild specializes in infrastructure development, and they have appointed new CEO, Vik Bansal.

Mr Bansal is confident that the Australian manufacturing sector can thrive post-pandemic because of a few key factors including the country’s vast natural resources and its progressive recycling infrastructure. “I am honored to have the opportunity to join the team at InfraBuild,” said Mr. Bansal. “InfraBuild has been delivering exceptional results for clients and shareholders for many years.”