Vik Bansal's Footprint

Infrabuild company recently posted positive results from an improvement made in all of its operational sectors. As stated by the company the business yielded strong results. Vik Bansal Infrabuild expressed that the overall performance within each part of the company would stir the organization on the right path of the journey.

The results were a reflection of how Vik Bansal was able to transcend the company over a short period. Bansal joined the company in the year 2021 after heading Cleanaway which is Australia’s leading waste management organization where he was responsible for the steady growth of the company. He also worked in executive roles across the globe for the last twenty years, incorporating three years as OneSteels’ general manager.

Bansals intentional and well-thought choices of applying his past experiences to Intrabuild company have seen the company rise during his first year as the CEO. He aims to make Intrabuild an industry leader in its field. He has worked tirelessly to ensure efficiency in the operations at Intrabuild. Bansal’s philosophy over the years is focused on viewing sustainability as a contingent for leading-edge research. Through this, he has stressed the company’s devotion to net-zero carbon emissions and has a vision of the company as a leader in manufacturing sustainable steel. Through his vision, several strategies have been taken to minimize its carbon footprint. Through these strategies Bansal is seeking to reconstruct once again his achievements.

Bansal’s exemplary performance was at Cleanaway where he managed to turn around the company’s struggles and turn it into a successful organization in six years.

Vik Bansal’s 25 years’ reputation in heading industrial organizations has demonstrated his success as a leader. His Cleanaway footprint 2025 is now commencing phase 2 with a drive for sustainable waste management. Vik has accomplished great academic feats and professional milestones.

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